Big Thinkers Debates | Partners
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How The Big Thinkers Debates can work for you

At each Big Thinkers Debate, top experts discuss a crucial topic with major implications for the future. It becomes an unmissable event for professionals in a diversity of sectors and disciplines.

By sponsoring or partnering with The Big Thinkers Debates, your organisation gains an exceptional opportunity: for networking with prestigious figures and key stakeholders who could otherwise be hard to reach; for communicating crucial messages; for expressing views on compelling themes, and for reaching both professionals and an informed broader public.

Areas of innovation and focus

Healthcare and life sciences • Science • Technology • Telecoms
Media • Law • Economics • Politics

A multi-channel event

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder mapping
Targeted high-profile invited audience
Multi-channel communications
Digital & social media outreach

Event management

Theme development & production
World-leading expert speakers
Event logistics & staging
Filming & live streaming

Campaigns & Communications

High-profile media partners
Multi-channel campaigns
Commissioned research
Digital & social media strategies
Editorial content & reports
Film production & animations
Infographics & illustrations
Internal communications