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About us

We need to talk. But first we need to think.

There is more to The Big Thinkers Debates than dynamic cut and thrust as leading experts discuss the topics on which they have built their reputation. These debates are about the real world, putting new science and technology in context, defining what they mean for each of us – bringing them alive.

Today, thanks to the internet and social media, everyone can voice an opinion on whatever they want – and find some kind of audience …  But what could be more compelling than being in the room for a face-to-face discussion, listening to – and engaging with – some of the world’s top minds?

And maybe even playing a part in shaping the future.

Capturing the audience’s imagination

What could be more compelling than being in the room, listening to – and engaging with – some of the world’s top minds as they tackle critical issues?

World-leading thinkers air their views before an invited audience of experts. The focus is on the impact on society of scientific and technological innovation amidst political and economic change. Everyone in the room has a part to play.

The debate will be lively. On the panel are big thinkers and big personalities, representing diverse disciplines and diverse opinions. The audience – comprising guests who are themselves experts in their field – is encouraged to interact through questions, tweets and votes.

Still more than that, each Big Thinkers Debate reaches beyond the room to a wider informed public, giving them a voice too.

Not only is the debate live-streamed on the internet, but it engages with the world through journalists, bloggers and social media. Its reach is wide: previous debates organised by the Big Thinkers team have achieved over 1.2 billion touchpoints with the public.

What do breakthroughs really mean?

We need to examine and understand the real impact of innovations in science and technology.

Can they deliver on the promises? What is going on behind the hype?  Can we really afford them?  In fact, do we even need them?

And what is their potential benefit to society as a whole? How best can scientific and technological advances be nurtured to the sustainable benefit of both the economy and society?

Areas of innovation & focus

Healthcare and life sciences • Science • Technology • Telecoms
Media • Law • Economics • Politics

A multi-channel event

Public relations

Campaign creation/execution
Media strategy
Media relations
Crisis/issue management
Media training
Social media

Stakeholder communications

Corporate communications
Marketing communications
Internal communications
Event management
Consumer/stakeholder surveys
Brand identity


Websites & social media
Print publications
Advertising copy
Sales presentations
CRM programmes
Thought-leadership/opinion pieces
Video scripts

Representatives of these high-profile organisations, and many others, have attended debates organised by our team: