Big Thinkers Debates | We need to talk. But first we need to think.
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Big Thinkers Debates

Science and technology are driving change ever faster in today’s society.  But where are they taking us? And what are the risks?

Each Big Thinkers Debate is a lively forum. An invited audience of experts has the opportunity to debate crucial issues with a panel of the world’s most influential thinkers.

Together, panel and audience explore and demystify today’s breakthroughs in science, health and technology – and their implications for society.

Be there with the experts

The Big Thinkers Debates capitalise on the growing appetite for live public debate – and on the power of social media to get the world talking.

Each debate brings together a panel of world-leading thinkers and an invited audience of experts. Together, they explore and predict the impact that new science and technology will make amidst social, political and economic change.

Exploring and interpreting

We all hear a lot about thought leadership. But only rarely do we have the opportunity to share a room with the people who are really leading the thinking in science, health and technology – and in economics and politics too.

They are the people who lead the discussion at The Big Thinkers Debates, making sense of emerging science and technology, illuminating its broader implications and defining its real significance for our lives in the years to come.

Representatives of these high-profile organisations, and many others, have attended debates organised by our team: